Martial Arts Curriculum

Martial Arts Curriculum

The goal of Life Ki-do® Martial Arts is to develop a strong fluid body and mind both on the mats and in everyday life. By using the medium of martial arts to teach our life education system, students learn how to work through their limitations such as tension, anger or fear in order to develop a deep inner strength that carries over into all aspects of their life.

Life Ki-do Martial Arts training is based on a variety of practices stemming from various classical and contemporary striking, takedown and wrestling arts; as well as the deep, internal traditions that are the origin of martial arts such as Tai Chi and Qigong. Life Ki-do combines these internal and external training elements to create a Martial Arts Flow System that is martially adaptable and effective.

Our martial arts curriculum is divided into three main areas of movement and combative training: Ground, Stand-up and Flow Forms. To represent the work we do in our daily life, we practice these three areas both alone and with partners. Students use training with a partner as a tangible medium to practice and enhance real social skills. The culture of our partner work encourages students to express their needs, become empathetic to the needs of others, and learn to work as a team. The individual training is used to develop a fluid connection between the Body, Breathing and Brain while in motion, resulting in an ever growing ability to harness the power of one-pointed focus to discover a true freedom of expression that is both calm and powerful. This integrated self in motion is an experience that feels as peaceful as a deep and quiet solitude while simultaneously connecting to life all around.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Systema / Wrestling 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Systema / Wrestling

Ground training is a crucial component in a comprehensive martial arts program. Our students learn and practice: how to fall and roll safely, effective takedowns, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling techniques as well as Systema strikes and breaks from the ground. Aside from the practical self-defense benefits, ground skills can also greatly enhance a student’s self-confidence and ability “to go with the flow.”



Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) / Systema

This part of the program gives students the opportunity to develop their stand-up blocking, punching and kicking skills. Although we incorporate moves, drills and freestyle sparring from a variety of martial arts styles, the focus is on the Systema principles of fluidity and partnering that involves mutual care and respect rather than trying to beat down your partner.

Flow Forms / Traditional KarateFLOW FORMS

Tai Chi / Qigong / Traditional Karate

Students first learn to connect a series of individual movements using their breath. They then progress to learning a pre-choreographed set of moves with Life Ki-do flow form combinations and traditional karate katas. This individual practice not only builds tremendous body awareness, coordination, strength and stamina but also develops focus, confidence and determination.

To read what other parents have said about our program check out our testimonials!

“I have lived all over the US and overseas and I have never found a more unique mix of focused instruction and techniques combined with appreciation for internal awareness and encouraged honest communication. What a dynamic blend! There is an openness and enthusiasm the Senseis, instructors, and other students have and it is infectious. No matter how I feel when I walk into the dojo, I always leave feeling more grounded, strong, and energized. I am impressed with the sense of community, spirit and energy that is present at Life Kido. It is a rare treasure and I am grateful that both my kids and I can practice and participate in this community.”
– Krista (parent of two students but also a student herself!)