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All levels welcome

Have fun while learning to be your best


Focus, confidence & social skills

Bully free safety skills

Team Building

What Parents’ are Saying…

“This is the best gift I have ever given to my kids. Their stamina and strength is amazing. Their self confidence has sky-rocketed. I have had the children in (karate) before, but the lack of motivation garnered from the instruction left them bored and we eventually dropped out. Life Ki-do has changed all that.” – Chrysa K.

“I have yet to find a program that incorporates such a high level of mindfulness practice, emotional awareness and physical development all rolled into one.” – M. Johnson

“My boys have learned important skills in awareness; being aware of their surroundings and stranger/danger. They have also learned to focus and listen well, which has positively enhanced their time in school. Most of all, they are learning so much while having FUN!” – Sam D.

Life Ki-do Martial Arts Voted Best Afterschool Activity!
Austin Chronicle 2013

Power Ninja Camp

Samurai  Camp

Power Ninja Camp Dates & Tuition (includes camp t-shirt):

June 23-27 5-7/Kinder-1st 10am-12pm SOLD OUT
Life Ki-do Academy
July 14-18 5-7/Kinder-1st 10am-12pm SOLD OUT Life Ki-do Academy
Aug 11-15 5-7/Kinder-1st 10am-12pm SOLD OUT Life Ki-do Academy

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Samurai Camp Dates & Tuition (includes camp t-shirt):

June 9-13 6-12/1st-6th 10am-1pm SOLD OUT Life Ki-do Academy
July 21-25 6-12/1st-6th 10am-1pm SOLD OUT Life Ki-do Academy
Aug 18-22 6-12/1st-6th 9am-12pm SOLD OUT WAYA

For full details and policies, click here.


Power Ninja Camp

Samurai  Camp





Great Fun!!…Great Education!!

Life Ki-do Karate Camps include fun, nurturing and age appropriate games and training in martial arts, life skills, bully free safety skills, and team building. The day includes a fun group warm-up, martial art stations, a personal safety station, a snack and free time in which campers can choose between a variety of activities including nunchaku practice. The week ends with an inspiring belt ceremony and demonstration for parents.

This camp is truly one-of-a-kind!


Team Building

We start each day of karate camp with team building group exercises. These fun exercises ground the kids for the day as well as allow them to meet others and feel comfortable with their new friends, new instructors and new environment. These group exercises focus on strong, fluid movement teaching the kids to connect their body, breath and brain. Through games, the kids also learn how to be sensitive to their environment, how to have strong communication and social skills, and how to use their breath and mind to deal with stress and fear.

Martial Arts

After the big group karate exercises, we break-up into smaller groups and rotate through martial arts stations. Here the kids learn Life Ki-do Martial Arts fundamentals such as falling and rolling, take downs, punching, blocking and kicking and wrestling. Our instructors specialize in working with children and appropriately adjust the drills to work with students of different ages and skill levels. During this martial arts segment we are always infusing the drills with our life skill system teaching the kids how to develop focus, use their effort to build confidence, bounce back from challenges or setbacks, and develop healthy, positive friendship skills.

Personal Safety/Bully Program

Life Ki-do Karate camps also include an introduction to our personal safety/bully program. Our program includes mental, emotional, and physical safety skills. We also go a little deeper teaching kids to see others as fellow human beings instead of people to compare and compete with. We teach kids how to be at peace with who they are as individuals while at the same time honoring and respecting others for who they are. Children learn how to deal with self-bullying including self-directed negative thoughts, harsh judgments and damaging comparisons to others. They also learn how to respect instead of bully by developing empathy, respect, compassion and care for others.

In the Samurai camps for 1st-6th grades, students have the opportunity to learn leadership skills.


Power Ninja Camp

Samurai  Camp