Our Approach

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At Life Ki-do® Martial Arts, we believe that the way we train should represent the way we want to live our lives. If we want our lives to be filled with inner strength, peacefulness and happiness, then our martial arts classes should be filled with these elements as well.

Life Ki-do training is based on a spontaneous flow of movements rather than rigid, pre-set techniques. In addition to being healthier for our bodies, we find this type of training prepares participants for the spontaneity of daily life. Students are learning to problem solve in the moment and deal with physical, mental and emotional scenarios that parallel what they are faced with in their daily living. The result is confident students who actually have firsthand experience in trusting their natural inner strength and ability.

Instead of focusing on competition and outscoring your opponent, Life Ki-do Martial Arts is based more on staying safe and healthy, being the best person you can be, and encouraging your partner to be their best as well. Our Life Ki-do classes offer:

Our children's martial arts classes take place in a fun and nurturing environmentNurturing and fun environment

We’ve found that learning in a fun, positive and supportive environment allows students to transform and expand so much more than in a tight, controlled and fear-based atmosphere. Life Ki-do instructors encourage an environment where children feel safe and respected. Not feeling afraid of making mistakes children take the chance to stretch to their full potential. Fears and insecurities are addressed in such a nurturing manner that children learn that although these feelings are normal, they don’t need to be ruled by them.

Kids learn interpersonal and social skillsInterpersonal and social skills

Through Life Ki-do, children not only learn about communicating their own needs, but they also learn through listening skills and sensitivity how to respect others and work as a team. Instead of comparing and competing, children are encouraged to see others as human beings who deserve to be honored and respected.

Life Ki-do students learn focus, attention span and confidenceFocus, attention span and confidence

With Life Ki-do, children are encouraged to discover their own inner gauge rather than looking to others for how they should behave and feel about themselves. Kids learn to check in with themselves to see if they are truly focusing and being their personal best. This art of being your personal best builds a true inner confidence and a positive, strong self-identity that allows one to experience fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Relaxing and dealing with stress and fear at Life Ki-do Martial Arts SchoolRelaxing and dealing with anxiety and stress

A very unique and essential aspect of Life Ki-do training is learning to breathe, relax and flow instead of living with tension and tightness or laziness and apathy. Specific tools such as posture and breathing techniques, as well as tools to deal with challenging situations or feelings, help children move through life with a fluid strength.

A student fitness and coordination in Austin, TXFitness and coordination

A natural result of most fitness programs is strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness. By also focusing on the breath, fluidity and body awareness, Life Ki-do students become what we like to call “movement artists.” This caliber of body awareness and coordination is a great foundation for any sport or physical activity as well as general health and well-being.

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