Award Winning Life Ki-do Parenting Book

All parents want their children to be happy and confident and to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. It’s an admirable goal, but the problem is that most are not quite sure how to take this from intention to action. Life Ki-do® Parenting provides the answer with a clear and simple blueprint.

The key is that to find true happiness and confidence, it needs to come from the inside out. Yet the problem today is that most children are conditioned to look for happiness from the outside in, causing alarming rates of stress, anxiety and depression.

Life Ki-do Parenting  is a simple step-by-step system to help your child learn the four essential life skills needed to live a happy, fulfilling life from the inside out:




*Social Intelligence

Life Ki-do Parenting The beauty of the  Life Ki-do system is that while you are teaching the Tools to your children, you will find that they are equally valuable to you as an adult. While the language is kid-friendly, the concepts are universal and you will find them easy to apply in your own life. So not only will you and your children grow as individuals but with a shared vocabulary and life skill system, your family as a whole will be more unified, peaceful and fulfilled.

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“A beautiful synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern psychology and mindfulness practice, skillfully adapted to children and parents. These simple strategies will help families build better connections and will help children train their brains to become more focused, calm, and socially attuned to others.” – Mark Robert Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, author of Words Can Change Your Brain



Life Ki-do ONLINE PARENTING CLASSFor parents wanting a deeper understanding and experience of Life Ki-do Parenting, we will be offering both an online Parenting class and live parenting seminars starting in January 2015.  Check back here in the near future for more details.