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Life Ki-do Martial Arts, Parenting & Life Education programs empower children, teens and adults with the skills to live a happy, fulfilling life from the inside out. At our Life Ki-do Martial Arts Academy in Austin Texas, we use the medium of martial arts to teach focus and confidence, relaxation skills to deal with stress and anxiety, interpersonal skills for healthy relationships, and the physical skills for self-defense and a strong, fit body.

What is Life Ki-do?

Our award-winning martial arts classes are a unique blend of the Russian Art of Systema, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Tai Chi, Qigong and self-defense training. The Life Ki-do curriculum taught in our classes, private lessons, and kids karate camps offers a fluid approach to martial arts training that teaches students how to breathe, relax and flow – a healthy alternative to other martial arts programs which can create rigidity, tension, and unhealthy wear and tear on your body.

Our beautiful dojo (a martial arts training and instruction studio) is staffed by an amazing set of expert instructors highly specialized in working with children and teens. For over 22 years, our Austin martial arts program has become renowned for its unique quality of being both nurturing and empowering as well being safe and lots of fun!

Besides martial arts instruction, karate classes, summer camps and self defense training, our acclaimed life skill system is also taught through our award-winning parenting book and at public and private schools in Austin for children 18 months through 18 years.

We invite you to take a free trial class at our dojo to see for yourself why we are renowned for classes that students love because of the deep, positive lifelong lessons that are the ingredients for joyful, healthy living.

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by Sensei Jonathan Hewitt – Founder of Life Ki-do The Joy and Dance of Kickboxing: Say what? Let me explain. The other night in our Teen/Adult class after more than 25 years of martial arts training and over 20 years of teaching full time, I experienced a deep joy and dance while we were doing […]