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3636 Bee Caves Rd. #212
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 327-2900
1200 Lakeway Dr. #5
Lakeway, TX 78734
(512) 900-1323

Experience Life Ki-do Martial Arts: An Austin Favorite for Over 22 Years

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Life Changing Martial Arts — Why Life Ki-do is So Different

Life Ki-do Martial ArtsBased in Austin TX, Life Ki-do is so much more than martial arts! We empower children, teens and adults to live from the inside out  finding happiness and confidence from within instead of looking to others for validation and self-worth. Our award-winning program is renowned for our Unique Tools for Life System, our Healthy Blend of Martial Arts, and our Amazing Instructors and the Positive Environment they create.

Positive ParentingSocial Emotional Learning — Our Unique Tools for Life System

At the heart of Life Ki-do and integrated throughout every Life Ki-do martial arts class is social emotional learning. Personal development and social emotional learning is who we are and what we do! Our Tools for Life System has been so successful that we even wrote an award-winning parenting book about it and we teach it in many public and private schools throughout Austin. Through these simple, tangible and kid-friendly tools, you learn to:

Become your best self

Be in charge of your happiness by being confident in your choices for yourself & the world around you.

Bring harmony to your life

Learn to flow with all of life’s joys and challenges and use them as opportunities to grow.

Connect & care for others

Cultivate empathy & kindness to develop stronger relationships with family, friends & community.


What Parents Say about our Tools for Life System:

“The values that Life Ki-do instills are what I have been hoping to find ever since I found out I was going to be a father.” J.W.

Mindfulness“Wow! This is certainly a one of a kind program! I am amazed; such a high level of mindfulness practice, emotional awareness and physical development all rolled into one. You are doing the world a great service!”  – M. Johnson

“I truly can’t rate Life Ki-do highly enough. Their program goes far beyond physical martial arts and incorporates mind, body, & personal achievement at every level. Focus, team effort, respect and self awareness (with a healthy dose of martial arts) are only some of the themes that the talented instructors are able to instill with kids at every age. I’ve seen the growth & influence that Life Ki-do instruction has provided my son. Whether it’s a stressful situation at school, an important test, etc…what he has learned from participating in Life Ki-do has translated beyond the dojo & has helped in everyday situations. Life Ki-do is an invaluable resource…highly recommended.” – Matt R.

Martial Arts Blend: Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Systema, Tai Chi, Qigong & Self-defense

Brazilian Jiu JitsuThe unique Life Ki-do curriculum taught in our classes and karate camps offers a fluid approach to martial arts training – a healthy alternative to other martial arts programs which can create rigidity, tension, and unhealthy wear and tear on your body. Based on Systema, our curriculum teaches students how to breathe, relax and flow on and off the mats. Karate

“I have lived all over the US and overseas and I have never found a more unique mix of focused instruction and techniques combined with appreciation for internal awareness and encouraged honest communication. What a dynamic blend! There is an openness and enthusiasm the Senseis, instructors, and other students have and it is infectious. I always leave feeling more grounded, strong, and energized. I am impressed with the sense of community, spirit and energy that is present at Life Ki-do. It is a rare treasure and I am grateful that both my kids and I can practice and participate in this community.” – Krista

Instructors Specialized in Kids Martial Arts AND a Fun, Nurturing & Empowering Environment

Kids Martial ArtsOur two Austin area locations are staffed by an amazing set of expert instructors highly specialized in working with children and teens. For over 22 years, our martial arts classes have been renowned for their unique quality of being both nurturing and empowering as well being safe and lots of fun!

“I was blown away by the instructor’s techniques and method of instruction.” – S.R.

The calm and wisdom you use in dealing with our children is awe-inspiring! I have never met a parent who was not thrilled with their child’s experience at Life Ki-do.” – Leslie C.

Empathy“We specifically chose Life Ki-do after hearing personal recommendations noting the unique spirit of this program, based not on hyper-competitiveness or an aggressive model but more on positive values.” – B.L.

“He did the trial class and my husband was blown away by how my son immediately felt comfortable in the class and with the instructor and how it was so different from the typical martial arts studio.” – A.W.

What is Life Ki-do?

Life Ki-do Martial Arts

 Awards for Life Ki-do Martial Arts Classes in Austin

Awards for Life Ki-do Parenting Book


“Being a parent today is not easy, but Life Ki-do can make it easier!”Jean M. Twenge, PhD, author of Generation Me


Life Ki-do Martial Arts: Approved & Recommended by Pediatricians & Teachers

Confidence“As a mom (and also a pediatrician), I highly recommend this phenomenal program. There is really nothing like it. The teachers are outstanding and do a remarkable job of blending the physical skills of martial arts with the social/emotional values of self-awareness, self-control and empathy. The experience is joyful, physically challenging, and enlightening. My son and his friends look forward to their classes each week, and wish only that they could attend each and every day.” – Melissa B.

Focus“As a teacher I can vouch that the instructors & staff at Life Ki-do are top notch. They provide their students with a fun and challenging format to build life skills & the tools necessary to navigate situations in life. My daughter loves going to Life Ki-do & she talks about her instructors all the time. We drive an hour to attend class each week & it is well worth the effort to have this high quality experience in our lives. I would highly recommend Life Ki-do to kids of all ages!” – Amy O.

There’s lots more! Just click on our Testimonials page to read what happy parents have said about Life Ki-do.

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